Sunday, January 08, 2006


I can't stop smiling.

I was sitting up in our bedroom playing on my computer when the floor below me started vibrating from some very loud music downstairs. I ran down to the garage to see Bertrand playing around with the car's sound system. The CD he had popped in sounded like a CD with my type of music so I asked him if he got it from my car. He said, "no...I made it." We kept flipping through the different songs and all of the songs sounded more and more familiar to me as if it were a mix I would have made. Again I asked, "are you sure this isn't mine? it isn't really you to have this type of music on a CD you would make." He smiled and said, "no...this is Bertrand's Mix...remember?" And hit me.

Several years ago, my good friend Bertrand picked me up to go out for my birthday lunch. On the car ride down I remembering making a mental note of how funny it was that he listened to the same variety of music as I did. I found it a little odd but very neat. Nearly every song that would come up on this CD of his either brought a little squeel of delight from me or a smile.

Fast forward to a couple of years later when I played some of my own music in the car. Bertrand didn't seem to be enjoying it much and I asked him how that was possible since he had the very same song playing in his car the time he had picked me up for lunch. And then he smiled and I realized, he made that whole "Bertrand's Mix" for me and to impress me. How cute.

I guess it worked.

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