Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wanna see where I work?

GoogleABC World News Tonight reported live from the Googleplex on Friday. Bob Woodruff also did a little tour of Google. You can see a few of my buddies walking around and the stairway that I've nearly killed myself on three times.

Too bad I was deadly sick that day. Maybe Bobby and I could have buddied up.


maitai said...

i came across your blog when i was googling "crying in dreams," (i woke up crying today after a sad one.) and it turns out that you are living my dream life! well, not literally, but my dream is to move to san francisco and work for google. (i'm studying for my masters in CS.) just thought i'd share. think they'll hire me? :)

kimbalina said...

how cool is that mai? hehe. thanks for sharing. your "dream" sounds totally attainable!