Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I love TiVo

People have been ranting and raving about TiVo for years and it is one of the few gadgets that I have held out on getting as soon as it is released. I didn't want my life to be ruled by what was on T.V. The temptation to get one grew stronger and stronger over the years and I started hearing little whining noises from a certain individual. As a special wedding present, Nicole finally fulfilled our need and got us one. Perfect timing since we were out of the country for a month and a new season of shows was starting. After having TiVo for a few months, I am completely enamored. I was sooo wrong to think that having a TiVo would mean that my life was ruled by T.V. Instead, TiVo has freed me from that. Now I never had to think about taping something or what is on that night. I go and live my life, and when I am ready and free, I can sit down and watch all my favorite shows. I am also a big fan of rewinding touching moments and watching them over and over again and fast forwarding through the commercials. Awesome.

I love TiiiVooooo


nicole said...

you love me, too.

MegaZone said...

Your experience mirrors my own. TiVo allows me to enjoy television on my time, my way. I went through a period of watching too much TV shortly after I got TiVo - MASH runs 10,000 times a day? COOL! I can watch it all! - of course, that was early 2002 and the bubble had just popped and I was out of work anyway. So I had little to do but send out resumes and watch TV. Guess it was a good time to get that out of my system. :-)

Once I got over that hump, I got into the habit of using it as a tool. Like programming my own network, full of content I want to watch. I never think about TV schedules anymore. I make plans without any consideration to TV - TV is now something that is there when I want it to be. I couldn't imagine going back to my pre-TiVo days.

So - welcome to the cult. :-) If you haven't done so already, you should put the TiVo on a network and try out the Yahoo!, Fandango, and Live365 apps. As well as and - especially Galleon. (It would be nice to see Google applications supported via TiVo's Home Media Engine... ;-) )

And there are a lot of TiVo resources out there: - and see for reports from the just-ended CES2006, including the coming TiVo Series3 HDTV system.

tine said...

About time woman! I told you..I can't live without my comfy bed, my tivo, and my new car (not necessarily in that order). =P

kimbalina said...

Tine, you're a nerd.