Sunday, January 22, 2006

Revelation on Flu Shot

I just had a revelation on this horrendous flu that has attacked my body. I don't usually get sick this bad or this frequent (I just got over being sick). Last year, aside from a day or two of the sniffles, I didn't get sick. I also didn't get the flu shot last year due to shortages. This year, however, I did. And since then, I have been hit twice with the flu. The first time, my cough lingered for a month. This time, it has completely knocked me out.

From here forward, I am no longer going to get the flu shot. Prevent me from getting sick? I think I invited it into my body with open arms.


nes said...

Yup! I NEVER get the flu shot. I've always felt it was unneccessary and all the hype was a bit hysterical and preying on our fears, etc. I used to work at a place where they totally pressured you to get one because they needed a quota to get the nurse to come an inject us or something. But I never caved. And never got the flu.

kimbalina said...

hehe. I know better! =)