Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sudoku Fiend

I am a fanatic of puzzles, brain teasers, and crosswords. I have recently discovered Sudoku and am hooked. Sudoku is a logic based number placement puzzle and my brain enjoys the exercise. I am also a fiend for gadgets, so as one of Bertrand's Christmas gifts, I got him...yes, electronic Sudoku. It rocks!

Now every night before bed, I sit and play a few games before I can get to sleep. I only wish it had a light-up screen option. I know it's his gift, but I probably use it more than he does. Hey...we're married...we share.


KristinW said...

If you are a sudoku fiend, have you discovered Fiendish Sudoku?

It has new puzzles every day at five difficulty levels, it can provide hints and step-by-step solutions, and it has several printing options.

Worth a look!

- KristinW

kimbalina said...

Ooohh...Thanks Kristin!

Philipp said...

I also have Sudoku at my Games for the Brain site, but it must be the toughest game on the site.
Incidentally, a lot of people find it by entering a misspelled version of the word "Sudoku"... which I didn't even have on the site!

-- Philipp, Google Blogoscoped

kimbalina said...

I have misspelled that words so many times I can't even count! =)

Steven said...

Even more sudokus here You should take a look at the color sudoku.

Adam Lasnik said...

I just discovered this, based upon flickr:

Have fun! :D

Mochek said...

This is another uniquely style sudoku game.