Saturday, February 26, 2005

HOT Jumpsuit Adventure

GR8 SAXNicole and I have been spending time together distracting each other from the heaviness of life and have been having quite a few adventures doing the most normal everyday things. "How do they do it???" Last week, we were driving around town and at the same stoplight, saw one SUV that had a tennis ball smashed into it's rear window and another car in front of us with the license plate 'GR8 SAX' driven by an 80 year old couple.

What is this?This morning, I somehow convinced her to go to the gym with me at 8:30am on a Saturday morning...almost completely unheard of. Modelling the Jumpsuit She was a good sport and we ended up having a very energetic and productive morning. After some Jamba Juice and going our seperate ways for the afternoon, we got back together and headed up to the outlets in Vacaville do so some damage and reward ourselves. While at one of the stores, Nicole somehow managed to find one of the sexiest jumpsuits there ever was. Nicole showing of the jumpsuit's sexinessAfter finally gathering ourselves from laughing at the thing, we both said, "What is that thing???" After a couple of half-joking dares, we both jumped into one of the fitting rooms to try on this magnificent creation. We have yet to figure out what the outfit is used for, but had some good laughs with it.

We ended the night with breakfast for dinner at IHOP and driving home in a food coma.

Until the next adventure...

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Anonymous said...

The jumpsuit was hot. If we keep this up, pretty soon you can make an "Adventures" scrapbook!