Monday, February 21, 2005

Looong Weekend

Snow Angel
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Usually my long weekends seem to fly by so fast. This particular President's Day weekend, I did so much and went to so many different places, that it actually felt like a long weekend for me.

On friday afternoon, we packed up the car and headed up to North Lake Tahoe for the weekend. It has been pretty stormy here in the bay area all week, so I was pretty stoked for some good snow in Tahoe...and good snow we got! We passed through Truckee on the way to our cabin and got so excited to see a Dairy Queen that we stopped there to eat. I was more excited about the dessert part than the actual dinner, but ate a real meal before I indulged myself. After stuffing ourselves with junk food, we each got our own huge sundaes and happily ate cold ice cream despite the cold snow that was falling outside.

Once we were happily stuffed, we headed up to the two bedroom cabin where twenty of us cozied up together for the night. We woke up early the next day and headed to NorthStar, my new favorite ski resort. The snow was perfect! The slopes were well groomed and the runs were long. Thanks to my encouragement from Tine the last time we went boarding, I was able to board like a pro and even went on a couple of black diamond runs! It was also the first time I could tell that my working out has been doing me a lot of good. I was able to go the entire day almost non-stop without getting tired and I am barely sore now after it. Even though the weather, snow, slopes, and boarding were awesome, my highlight of the weekend was finding out the night before that one of my best friends Denise was going to be there at the same time. We got to spend the day together catching up, snowboarding/skiing, and hanging out together. It was awesome.

After some good food, bonding, and laughing together at the cabin Saturday night, we had our big snow ball fight Sunday morning before heading our seperate ways and heading home. I snuck away by myself to a clear patch of snow and made my own snow angel. Shortly after making my pretty angel, I was tackled in the snow and hit in the face by a huge snowball.

Since we were up there anyways, a few of us headed up to Reno for a little fun at Circus Circus. I managed to double my money (dumb luck) while my friend lost his money at the blackjack tables. We headed up to the carnival games where Bertrand spent his own money trying to win me some prizes. Once we were nearly at the car in the parking garage, I realized that I needed to go to the bathroom before we left. We turned back around and the guys headed to the slot machines while I went to the bathroom. When I came out, I saw Bertrand jumping up and down and our friend David doing a little dance because he won the jackpot at the slots...thanks to me and my bladder!

With his winnings, he treated us to a mother of a meal at Claim Jumpers where we had the best dessert ever and went home happily with full stomachs, sore bodies, and all.

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