Friday, February 25, 2005

Not my day

Remember this? It happened again... =(

I managed to somehow drop my camera again this morning while in the kitchen onto the tile flooring. The camera is broken in the exact same way that my other camera broke.

While I was in the kitchen, I popped some bread in the toaster but with the distractions and heartbreak of nursing my broken camera, I didn't check on the bread.

I don't think I am meant to have a camera for more than a year. I am now sitting here eating burnt bread and it somehow seems fitting for this darn gloomy day.


Anonymous said...

Oh no Kimmy! That's so sad. Now I'm really going to have to remember mine when we hang out... maybe subconsciously, you want the newer version that's half as thin?

Christine said...

i think nicole has a point here. hehe jk kimmy! Being the gadget girl you are, I think you should get a new one and also add a one of those laniards (sp?) to put around your neck so that you can look like a tourist. LOL

On the brighter side, at least the toaster didn't catch on fire. =P