Friday, July 02, 2004

Technological Advancements

I'm up late chatting online and getting some work done before going on vacation for a few days. It's amazing how many people are online at 1:45 in the morning, does nobody sleep? Thinking back to my days in college, late nights chatting were always the best times for long interesting conversations. I chatted with an old friend whom I haven't had a long conversation online with in about a year which is a long time considering 6-7 years ago when we used to talk all the time. After talking for awhile and seeing how nice it was to talk again, we reminisced about the time when we used to stay up late chatting on ICQ with the real time typing feature. Every time he'd type something and pause or backspace, I'd call him on it and make him tell me what he had hesistated to do. It's amazing how much technology and the internet has become so much of our society. Without it, this friend and I could not have kept in touch over the years with all the various places we've been and with all the things that we've been experiencing. I remember the days when my dad taught me what 'e-mail' was. I used Juno to dial up only to download my messages and send them, and since nobody else used email, I only emailed my dad and uncle who was a professor at a university. Now, I literally live and breathe the internet. I hardly know what to do with my computer if it isn't online except play Freecell or Solitaire.

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