Saturday, July 24, 2004

Surprises are good

Bertrand surprised me tonight with a night out in the city. We went to North Beach and had dinner at a cute Italian restaurant. We arrived a bit earlier than our reservation, so we took a walk around the area. We passed by a crowd of people standing in line outside of a theater and he said, "I wonder what they're all waiting for." I agreed but didn't really care and kept walking. Instead of walking with me, he turned around and walked up to the building. I stood on the street wondering why he even cared what these people were waiting for and started getting frustrated when he disappeared for awhile. When he finally came back out, I asked him why he cared so much and he said, "Oh, because we're going to that show after dinner." When I thought he was just being nosy, he was instead going to will call to pick up our tickets.

After dinner, we went to see the musical/comedy show Beach Blanket Babylon. We arrived later than most of the crowd had, yet when we walked in, we were seated at the very front of the theater dead center. San Francisco's own Steve Young sat a couple of rows behind us with his wife. I spent the first half of the show completely nervous that I was going to get pulled up on stage. Not only could I see every detail of the performer's costumes and facial expressions, but they could also see mine. Throughout the show, the performers looked straight at me and I almost felt like I needed to be a little more enthusiastic just so they could be assured that they were doing a good job. After the great show, we ended the night having yummy crepes at a little crepe shop down the street.

Thank you for a wonderful night Bertrand.

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Bertrand said...

Aw.. you're welcome honey! It was my pleasure to take you on a surprise night out in SF. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! =)