Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Gender Supremacy

This weekend I went to get some copies of one of my keys. The man who helped me looked at my key and said, "Oh, this must be a 78" and pulled out a gigantic key and started making a copy of the key. Once he finished, he handed back the original and the copies. I started walking away and then put the two keys on top of each other. My original key was a small key with a round head...the key that the man gave me was a humongous square headed key. The key he gave me was almost 1/3 longer than the key I gave him. I immediately turned around and showed the man the difference in the two keys. Rather than matching up the entire key, he matched up the part where he had cut the pattern and looked a little confused. "This key is longer than my key", I said. So the man turned around and said, "Oh okay, it must be a 76 then" and made me another key...still square headed but this time the same length as my key but with different grooves in it. I really wonder what this man's thought process was that would make him choose a '78 or a 76' rather than just find a key that looked like the original. At this point, Bertrand thought we should just leave and come back another day since this guy was obviously incompetent.

We went back last night and there was a lady at the counter. We told her the situation with the wrong keys and she rolled her eyes, "This doesn't even look like the original." Within minutes, I had the right copies of my key with keys that actually looked alike. I think the lady put it best when she said, "Never let a man do a job a woman can do better."

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