Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The grass is greener on the other side

Every time I'm not feeling well, I try to remember what it feels like to feel "normal". Sometimes, it's so hard to remember how it felt to just go about my day without being conscious of what my body is doing or feeling. Those are the times that I appreciate good health and the regular things that I take for granted every day. Normal sounds really good right now.

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A DiG said...

"Normal", eh? But don't you think that "normal" is too overrated? Be different, be unique, be all you can be, go against the grain, think outside of the box, take one for the team... wait... where am I going with this? Actually, there's a lot that I think we take for granted - good health (as you mentioned) is one for sure... and being regular... no, no... wait, you actually said the regular thing, didn't you? *haha - my oops!* You know what's interesting about what you said? The part about going "about my day without being conscious of what my body is doing or feeling" - some pro athletes would call that being "In the Zone" (a good thing) where the body takes over without the mind getting in the way. So maybe the grass IS greener on the other side - but the grass on your side is yours to make as green (or as brown, in my case) as you want. =)

Okay gotta go... my brain is cramping up.