Thursday, July 08, 2004

Long, fun 4th

I had a blast on my long July 4th weekend. We left Friday afternoon for SoCal and got there late Friday night due to the crazy traffic. Bertrand got to meet my entire family including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and my parent's friends who I call family. He handled himself very well and the reactions from the family were great. I felt especially loved when one of my uncles asked him if he treated me well, and when Bertrand said, "I try", my uncle said, "You'd better, she's my baby."

On the night of the fourth, after visiting some friends and their new baby, Bertrand, my brother, and I headed to Downtown Disney in Anaheim to watch the fireworks. I love being a tourist and feeling like a little kid when I go to theme parks. We woke up crazy early and went to Universal Studios in Hollywood. We were all excited, especially Bertrand who hasn't been to Universal Studios or Disneyland since the 80s. Somehow we managed to be lucky enough to be the very first in line to enter the park and got in every single ride and attraction by the end of the day. There was one attraction that followed the movie Van Helsing that literally nearly scared me to death. It was scarier than any haunted house I have ever been to in my entire life. At one point, when the werewolf jumped out at me and was a centimeter away from touching me, I ran screaming afraid for my life into the stranger ahead of me.

After getting a short night's sleep, we headed to Disneyland for another fun filled day. I love Disneyland. Disney has always been a big part of my family, especially since my brother is an Animator. Since Bertrand hasn't been there in years, we made a whole plan to hit every single ride so that he could catch every attraction. With great timing and fast walking, we managed to also see almost every show and ride. We ended the night with the amazing Fantasmic show and a final ride on the Matterhorn.

Now I am home and exhausted, but very happy.

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A DiG said...

Okay, so you know that I HAVE to make a comment about that guy jumping around Universal like a little kid!! *haha* I just hope he can leap that high when we play volleyball again!!

So it sounds like you all had a great time on your trip to L.A. (home of the SECOND-place Lakers!!). Funny that we were all down there at the same time... even overlapping some of the same space!! It's true what they say in Disneyland, "... it's a small, small world". =P *har-dee-har har*