Saturday, May 29, 2004

The Little Things

I am a very sentimental person. It's the little things that make me happy. Despite being completely exhausted after coming home from a night out with friends, I stayed up until four in the morning going through my closet and sorting through some of the stuff I had stored in there.

I have a box where I keep all the notes,cards, and letters I have received over the years. While sorting through some of my boxes, I decided I would open up that box and read some of the things I had saved. Suddenly, I wasn't tired anymore. I read through some happy, sad, funny and all memorable notes from my loved ones and was filled with an amazing warmth. memories and milestones came flooding back.

In my box, I found a little fluorescent pink friendship ring that my friend had bought for 10 cents and given to me years ago. We had been so proud to wear those rings around and wore them everywhere we went for several weeks. I found a note written to me by one of my best friend's meant for me to read if I ever felt down telling me how much I meant to him. I also found a guitar pick that had fallen out of Bertrand's pocket on his first visit to Davis to see me before we started dating. I'm not really sure why I chose to save that at that time, but finding that little pick now has so much meaning and I am so thankful that I chose to hang on to that and put it into my special box. I've been having some restless nights of sleep lately but after going through that box of special memories last night, I had one of the most peaceful and rested nights of sleep in a long time.

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