Thursday, June 03, 2004

I'm falling apart

My body is failing on me piece by piece. I shouldn't even be typing right now since I decided earlier this week that I wouldn't use the computer at night since I use it all day long. My wrists have been hurting me and my back has also been acting up on me. I came home for dinner tonight with my visiting aunt, uncles, and cousin and one of my uncles generously gave me an accupressure massage. Ahhh, all I need now is a hot cup of tea and my cozy bed to rest my weary body.

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me said...

hallo...we have the same thing, I promised myself too, that i will not use comp. when at home, because i used it all days work. but it's not work, only when my hand pain because of stupid mouse then I stop and called my massauer (am I type correctly):).