Thursday, May 06, 2004

Family Reunion

My family is having a big reunion to celebrate my Grandfather's 75th birthday this weekend. That means another trip to Southern California for me. Luckily I really enjoy driving otherwise commuting to work and as of lately, to L.A. would be pretty sucky. Family reunions are always fun although loud and a bit stressful. They have been the same as long as I can remember. My grandfather is on a 'fish only' diet, where the only type of animal flesh he eats is fish. As a result, when the family gets together, we all have this huge 'fishfest'. All of the aunts and uncles sit together at the dinner table while the rest of us, 90% of whom are over 20 sit at the kids' coffee table in the other room. One day when I'm married and have kids, I'll probably still be stuck at the kids' table. After dinner, everyone will gather together in the living room to either talk about who's getting married next, who's having kids next, or who is going to retire next. Let the interrogating begin!

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