Saturday, May 15, 2004

Born on the same day

Last night at dinner, there were a couple of other groups around our table with little kids. The table right across from us had two little girls about the same age doing little ballerina dances together. A lady at the table behind us started talking to the little girls and one of the fathers said, 'Yeah, they are best friends, born on the same day.' How cute is that. The parents of these two little girl appeared to be close friends too. I would love it if one of my close friends had a baby the same time I did, and if the kids ended up growing up as best friends. That would be so cute. But I guess being able to do something like that would take some planning, and that could get a little uncomfortable. Both couples would have to conceive a baby at the same time. Can you imagine calling your friend up and saying, "Ready? Go!" Yeah, that'd be a little weird.


Eric said...

OMG Kimmy, ROTFL!!!

Eric said...


tine said...

i think you just corrupted eric's innocent mind ..ha! but really, my sister and my cousin that's 3 months older than her are like that now and they cause too much trouble whenever they're together. it was cute when they were young though!