Saturday, January 17, 2004

The other night, I saw on one of my friend's AIM profile, a link to a clip from Comedy Central's The Daily Show. As I watched the clip, I was giggling here and there and screamed outloud when I saw one of my ex-coworkers make an appearance on the show. The clip was about a Republican's 'coming out' day which just happened to be during the same week as Gay Pride Week in Davis. For some reason, UC Davis, its' students, and alumni are a big thing on cable tv. Prior to working here at Google, I worked at IET for UC Davis. In the office that I worked in, three of my coworkers made an appearance on cable tv. One of them was on the first season of Sorority Life, another on Tough Enough, and now The Daily Show.

Jeff and I are waiting for our turn to be on T.V. I got called for an interview on Tech T.V. Close enough right?

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