Friday, January 16, 2004

Earlier this week, my friends had a get-together for one of our friends who is moving to Arizona. One of the couples had gotten a board game for Christmas called, 'Battle of the Sexes'. We split up into two teams, guys against girls, and got ready for the battle. Of course..the teams were far from evenly split..11 guys against 4 girls, but the girls weren't too worried. How the game works, is the girls are asked questions on facts that any typical guy would know such as...(cars, golf, superheros...) and the guys were asked questions that girls would be more familiar with (hair, makeup, clothes...). I had one of the greatest nights full of laughter in awhile. Some of the guys got a little jumpy and way into the game and started pouncing on a couple of the quesitons with answers...even when it was the girls' turn. Lucky for us, since we didn't know the answers to, "What does the double-O stand for in James Bond 007" or "What is the top sellion brand of motor oil". I'm pretty proud of myself for knowing some of the 'guy' questions though, like.."What is a double-bogey?" or "What sport did the 'Dream Team' play in during the Olympics"...and I'm surprised to know that the guys knew what color hair dye "Tigerseye Stone" was.

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