Saturday, January 03, 2004

Although it is already 2004, I was doing some thinking about what a great year 2003 was. There were some ups and downs, but I think overall, 2003 was one of the most monumental years of my life so far. I managed to graduate with a degree in Computer Engineering in four years, something I would have never imagined if you had asked me 4 years earlier. I learned to golf and bowl. I started my obsession with board games. I got a new car that was totaled a month later, but was 'reborn' in the form of another car that was the exact same model as the original. I got a job with Google doing something that I love to do. I went to Las Vegas for the first time and came home with more money than I left with. I actually started reading books again for enjoyment rather than just studying for school or sitting in a lab all day. I took a trip to the Caribbeans and barely escaped the tornadoes that were plaguing the area at that time. And...many other things.

I had a great 2003 and I hope that 2004 will be just as eventful. I have a feeling it will be.

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