Monday, September 15, 2003

Home sweet home. No matter how fun it is to travel and to see different parts of the world, it is always nice to come home. I just got back from a long awaited weeklong trip to Florida and the Caribbeans with my family. We had planned on taking this trip a couple of years ago, but we encountered some obstacles and different things happened that caused us to push it back until this year. We took a Disney Cruise to the Caribbeans and Bahamas and managed to avoid the hurricanes the entire time. I didn't get sea sick at all or even air sick from the plane ride from California to Florida. I'm quite proud of myself...and the Dramamine. Although I didn't get sick on the plane rides, I did get to 'experience' some fun with the man who reaked of B.O. and sat next to me during the 6 hour flight. He also loved to lift up his armpits every few seconds just to torment me. I ended up pulling out a gigantic bag of chips and eating each one very slowly so that I could smell the Sour Cream n' Onion rather than the man. I think that I must have passed out from the smell sometime during the flight but then was awakened by the extremely LOUD laughing and singing from a large man who sat behind me and the newborn baby crying in the row ahead of me. That was on the flight to Florida. Today, on the flight home, I sat next to a man with a fairly large beer belly. He was a very nice man who was just a little cramped in the teeny space that they gave us. After the plane took off, he fell asleep and snored a little bit, but I didn't mind since he seemed to be a very nice man. However...I did get uncomfortable when he started to scratch the bottom of his belly in his sleep and continued to do so for most of the flight. There was nothing bad about it...but I felt like I was seeing something that I shouldn't have and was really uncomfortable.

Anyways, I'm home now and a little tired. I'll tell you about my trip when I have more energy.

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