Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Can somebody please explain to me how I lose so much hair everyday and am not yet bald? I don't understand it. There is no possible way that my hair is growing at the rate that I am losing it. I know that it's pretty normal for girls with long hair to lose a lot of hair throughout the day, but lately, I have been losing literally handfulls of hair a day. I'm worried. I'm pretty used to contantly pulling hair off my clothes and picking up a considerable amount when I brush my hair, but at the rate I'm going at now, I'm going to be bald in a month. Maybe it's time to get a haircut.

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Anonymous said...

I too am experiencing hairloss. I have very long hair and find it distressing partiulary during washing and styling. I went through a period of this last year, about 4-5 months back, then it eased and my hair appeared to thicken up again, so I am disappointed to go back to this stage. The first time we put it down to low iron levels - I had a Mirena inserted due to dysfunctional bleeding - had a period last almost 6 weeks. Finally it seems that my periods are becoming normal, but now this hair loss again. I have been suffering anxiety a bit lately, wonder if this is the cause?