Wednesday, April 30, 2003

When you're sad or not having a great day, isn't it great to have friends who try to cheer you up? There was a time last year that I was pretty down about a few things, and one of my friends Dan (he wants me to call him "Buff Stud") came over and recorded a little video for me on my computer. It was one of the greatest things. He told me to watch it every time I was feeling sad so that it would cheer me up. Basicallly he just acted silly on it, and it was great! It totally did the trick. I love looking back and watching the video now whenever I'm a little stressed or am just in need of a good smile or laugh.

One of my good friends, Alden, got a job in the heart of SARS, Beijing. He had found out about the job and then was supposed to be shipped off a week later. My roommates and I were kind of dissapointed that we didn't have much time to put anything together for him before he left, like a photo album or scrapbook so that he could look at while he was gone. We were watching the video that Dan had made me, and it gave us the idea to make a silly video for Alden before he left for Beijing. Alden is a fan of Eminem, and while none of us really knew his songs very well, we decided that we would make him a music video centered around the song, "Lose Yourself." We got all dressed up trying to play the part and actually look like we could sing the song and play the part. Us, being the non-ghetto girls that we are, it took awhile to try to figure out how to play the part, but we had a great time. We did a big portion of the song while rapping/singing and dancing to the music. We spent so much of our time trying to keep a straight face, that we got a lot of fun bloopers from the video making. The best part of the video was being silly and watching each other try to figure out how to play our parts...the reactions of our friends to seeing us was also quite entertaining.

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