Monday, April 28, 2003

You're so're going to give me cavities

You know how everyone has those wishlists from I had decided to get a wishlist just for fun and post it up on my website, not really expecting for anyone to actually get me something. Last week I came home from school and there was a package waiting for me. My roommates were asking me, "What did you buy?!?" And I couldn't remember if I had bought something online or not. The last time that I bought something online was about a month ago when I bought a shirt and bathing suit from J-Crew. I thought, "Maybe I bought something, but I don't remember?" So I opened up the package and there were 2 tanktops and a pair of shorts that I had had on my wishlist! How cool is that? Turns out that my boyfriend went online, took a look at my wishlist, and sent me a little surprise.'re too sweet. :)

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