Tuesday, April 29, 2003


Dreams are so interesting...just the fact that something can feel so real but only be a dream is amazing to me. I have been having the most vivid dreams these past couple of nights, and they are so weird, yet they feel so real. Does anyone know how to interpret dreams?

My first dream was about me being late. I had to be at a class and I was incredibly late. For some reason I was in downtown New York and it was really really crowded. Everyone was packed on the sidewalks waiting for something like a parade, but the streets were empty. I was running down the middle of the street trying to get to my class because I was so late, and everyone was looking at me. There was this area where there was a park in the middle, and the park was roped off. I wanted to cut through the park to get to my class quicker, and when I tried to duck under the rope, there was this asian girl standing there. She pushed the rope down when I tried to go under it, and it choked me. I looked up at her and she said, "Please don't put me in the internment camp." I just kind of rolled my eyes at her and kept running. My class was being held in the basement of the Macy's department store, so once I got there, I remember walking by a blue and white striped polo shirt that was on sale for $24.99. When I finally got to my seat at this table, there was already a guy and a girl sitting there. I asked them if I had missed much, and they said, "No, the teacher showed up and said she'd be right back, but she isn't back yet."

My second dream was about me walking on the street from the MU towards Russell. This young blonde guy in a tan suit rushed up to me and asked me to take his little daughter to school because he had to go to work and his daughter was afraid of making friends. Somehow I got the impression from this guy that he was very poor and that he needed help, even though he was very clean cut. So I agreed, and took the little girl's hand and started walking towards the intersection. Now the weird part is that I'm also the elemenatary school teacher. So at the intersection there was this mom and her daughter standing there and I introduced the little girl to my little girl and I said, "See? Now you have a friend." I asked the mom standing there where the school was and she asked me in a very shocked tone, "You don't know where it is???" It ended up being right across the street where the Chancellor's house is now. Once we got to school, I paid a lot of attention to the little girl throughout the day to make sure she was doing ok, but I was a little worried people might have thought that I favored her. During lunchtime, some of the parents came out to have lunch with the kids. I bought a bag lunch for the little girl and she sat at the tables with the other little kids and their parents. During that time I thought that I would go into the office to take care of administrative stuff, but when I left she said, "Where's mommy going?" I guess I fell in love with this little girl and the next day I went back to the same place so that I could find the dad and daughter again. When I got there, there was a dumpster, and inside the dumpster was the dad, and he was changing his suit jacket. I made a comment to him about being homeless or poor and about helping out his daughter or something, and he got so offended. He started yelling at me about how rich he was and that his wife and butler were at home. I was like, "Why are you in the dumpster?" He was really mad and he walked onto the schoolyard. For some reason, I was not only the teacher, but I cooked lunch for the kids too, so I had this HUGE chicken breast in the shape of a heart. He came in and picked up my huge heart and threw it into the swamp behind the school. I remember thinking that he threw away my heart...chicken breast heart...heehee....


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