Sunday, January 30, 2005

You are my sunshine

Golf balls
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It's amazing how a sunny day can lift everyone's spirits...particularly mine. A sunny day makes me want to smile at everyone I walk past and adds a little skip to my step. Today I tried to squeeze out every minute of daylight I could get and went to the driving range to brush up on my swing and then rollerblading around the neighborhood.

I am in love with sunny days.


Shirazi said...

Hi chocolate colour chocolate lover! I came upon your site by cnahce and have stayed. May I ask one question that I could not find on your site: Is this blog a part of your work or i it a personal pursit? Very neat (cool as they say) and smothly flowing thoughts.

kimbalina said...

Hi Shirazi,

This blog is my own site and are my personal opinions and thoughts and not that of my employers. Thanks for the comment!

densetsu said...

my personal opinion is that the sun hurts my eyes. I like cold and wet :)

Shirazi said...

Ya, I am clear about your personal blog and its implications. The question was this: Does the company ask every one to run own blog? Does the company encourage blogging? Or having a blog or not is a personal choice for those who are working at Blogger.

I was thinking, the company should urge every employee to bllog.

kimbalina said...

Google encourages all its employees to use the internet and all of its tools but does not require everyone to create a blog.

tine said...

I *heart* sunshine too, but you know what tops it? Watching the sun set... especially somewhere where it's tropical.. *insert Boracay or Maui sunset*