Sunday, January 16, 2005

Moving Fruit Stand

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On our drive down to LA for my cousin's wedding this weekend, there was a small mudslide on a section of the freeway. They ended up shutting down four of the five lanes on the freeway and it took us over three hours to go about 3 miles. After awhile, the freeway aka. parking lot, started looking like a scene from "Two Weeks Notice." People started getting out of their cars and going into the trailers hooked to the back of their cars to use the restrooms while others pulled onto the sides to use mother nature. While sitting in traffic, we noticed the pickup truck in the lane next to us full of Pummelos. Since we had nothing to do but stare at this truck, we thought it would be fun to ask the driver if we could buy some of the fruit he was carrying. After playing a little 'flirting' game trying to get perfectly next to the truck and getting over our nerves, we rolled down the window and asked him. The man was pretty amused, agreed and pulled his car closer to us and threw in two of the Pummelos through the window. The fruit shopping in traffic was pretty amusing and kept us laughing and entertained for awhile. Better yet, it was some of the best Pumello I've ever had.


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tam said...

hi cousin, it was great seeing you all. thanks for coming down. now it's time to start getting excited about yours ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I ran into your "I see dots and squigglies" blog by doing google search on eye floaters. I too has recently developed floaters in my eyes and it has made my life miserable since. I read through your posts after you discovered you had the floaters and it seems you have carried on a pretty normal life. I wonder, how do you do it? By the way, I think your blog rocks:)