Friday, January 21, 2005

City, Snow, Fun

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I just woke up from my second nap today and am finally starting to feel somewhat normal and coherent again. I spent the first half of my week at a conference and the latter part in Tahoe partying it up with my fellow coworkers and having a blast at that. I have met so many awesome people this week from all around the world, watched my team bond together, worn my body to exhaustion, and gotten about 8 hours of good sleep the entire week.

I also got to see landmarks and little places in San Francisco that I have never seen before while on an "Urban Adventure" (scavenger hunt) of the city. One of my favorite shows to watch is "The Amazing Race" and I got to somewhat be in my own amazing race with my teammmates, running...yes, running all over San Francisco up and down nearly every hill and stairway for nearly two hours. Even though we didn't win (we were 4 minutes behind the winning team), we had a blast together scheming, running, and racing to the finish. The following day we went to Squaw Valley Ski Resort for our annual company ski trip. Tine, the best snowboardng coach ever, coached, screamed, and cheered me on until I finally was able to carve my way down the mountain on my snowboard. *applause* *applause* We ended the grueling, exciting, memory filled week dancing, jumping, singing, and screaming together to the band "Tainted Love."

What a great week.

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tine said...

awww thanks Kimmy!! I knew you had it in you so I wasn't even at all worried you wouldn't get it... just needed the lil nudge =) woot!