Thursday, January 27, 2005


When my alarm(s) went off this morning, I thought that I had gotten out of bed as usual to prepare for my day and for my ride into work on the shuttle. Instead...a couple of hours later, I woke up only to realize that I had dreamed the entire thing. Ever since, my day has been pretty out-of-sync and I feel so rushed. Darn those 'already awake' dreams.

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Adam Lasnik said...

Oddly enough, I had a similar thing happen to me today!

Even weirder still, though, it was a bit of a "lucid dream"... in that, by the second iteration (having 'woken up,' but then discovering that I was still dreaming), I remembered a trick that I learned in the very funky movie "Waking Life" -- I attempted to see if I could turn lights in a room on or off with the light switch. I couldn't, so I knew I was still dreaming... and immediately I was able to wake up.

Try that sometime and see if it works for you ;).