Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Random Acts of Kindness

The storm came crashing down on us this morning with a vengeance. When I got to the park-n-ride where the shuttle picks up for work, I was too busy trying to keep my hood from flying off my head to notice the gigantic puddle in front of me. One of the guys also waiting for the shuttle jumped out from the overhang to point out the puddle to me before I got myself even more wet than I already was. Half a second longer, and I would have been soaked up past my ankles. Later, as the shuttle bus drove up, the driver also didn't see this huge puddle and ran right through it bringing up a gigantic wave of water that headed straight for all of us waiting on the side, particularly me who again chose to stand in front of the puddle. We all jumped back to avoid the splash and instinctively, the same guy put his arm out to push me back and jumped in front of me to cover me from the water. Wow.

It feels so good to know there are such nice people out there.

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