Tuesday, October 05, 2004

No Producers for me

While at a party, one of our friends handed us a wedding invitation to another friend's wedding. I opened up the invitation and showed it to Bertrand, excited to see our friends get married. Instead of being immediately excited, he stood there contemplating for awhile and then finally told me that he had planned a surprise weekend for me the weekend of the wedding. A couple of months ago, he got tickets to see the critically acclaimed musical The Producers which is only in town till the end of this month. I have been dying to see this show for so long but would much rather see my friends get married since it is a once in a lifetime event (hopefully). I put the tickets up for sale and they were sold in literally, a minute. These two had better be really in love!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kimmy, its me, Rehan, from UC Davis ITX...remember me? Well I wanted to ask u about ur new hosting company..since I'm still at Drak...IM me at NeuroCide5 on AIM!

こはく said...

The next time "The Producers" musical is in town, you can lay a guilt trip on your friends and tell them how you missed the show to attend their wedding...and if your persistant and put on a sappy face, they will spring for the tickets...it's a win-win situation.