Thursday, October 21, 2004

Really Long Week

Why is it that this week feels like it has dragged on for so long. It's only Thursday? Usually my weeks fly by, one day it's Monday, the next I'm a couch potato consuming all my Thursday night shows. Maybe it's the weird weather or maybe I'm just feeling overwhelmed. I'd like to be a spontaneous person, but in reality my head is always spinning thinking of what I need to do next or how I can be more efficient. I've had a non-stop headache for two days now (probably from the fact that I switched my earphones to huge headphones that squish my head). It's funny how when I have nothing to do, I don't take advantage of that free time to do other fun things. Now that my calendar is booked, all I want to do is watch a movie, play golf, or spend the day reading.

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