Monday, October 18, 2004

Friend or Stranger

Since Bertrand had some groomsman duties, I drove myself home from our friend's wedding on Saturday. Once I exited the freeway, I noticed a car that kept trying to pass me and then started honking at me. Huh...what did I do? Once we got to a light, the guy in the car honked again and lowered his window and started waving. Thinking it was one of my old high school friends, I also lowered my window to say hi, but once I got a better look I realized I didn't know who he was. The guy smiled and said, 'Hey! What's up? Pull over, let's talk.' So he pulled over and I slowed down unsure if it was my friend or not. Then, a little voice in my head told me to keep going so I kept driving and didn't pull over. I either escaped some random freak, or totally just ditched an old friend.

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