Monday, June 14, 2004


Last night, we had a random craving for In-N-Out so me and Bertrand decided we'd go pick some up for dinner. Right before entering the parking lot, we started wondering if it would be cheaper to buy the burgers and fries seperately or to order the value meals. Since neither of us go to In-N-Out often enough to know their prices, it was a bit harder for us to figure out the whole deal calculation beforehand. Peeking inside as we drove by, I noticed a line to order food and also noticed the nice empty drive-thru. Bertrand wanted to go inside since he didn't want to be rushed into making the order but I was too lazy to actually get out of the car and suggested that we pull alongside the drive-thru. We pulled up along the outside of the clearly marked lane, rolled down the window and looked across the lane to see the prices. Once we'd figured out what we wanted, we backed up and pulled up into the proper lane. Since it was a gorgeous day out, there were plenty of people eating at the tables outside of the restaurant which also meant plenty of people seeing us two retards pull up alongside the drive-thru to 'order', roll down our windows, then realizing our mistake, back up into the real lane. As soon as I realized what these people looking at us were thinking, I completely lost it and couldn't stop laughing, which probably confirmed to them our mistake. Honestly...we knew what we were doing.


J.Chen said...

Kimmy, you and Bertrand are hilarious...BTW, ordering value meals or individual items is the same price. A bunch of us did the same calculations since we wanted shakes instead of drinks.

Hope all is well!

JC :)

kimbalina said...

haha. Thanks Jorge. If only we knew this before we got there. :)

Eric said...

I suggest reading Schlosser's Fast Food Nation, then watching Super Size Me. <grin>

(In-n-Out gets a glowing review in FFN, actually...)


Adam Lasnik said...

Indeed, after FFN, In-n-Out is now the *ONLY* fast food I'll eat. And even that is a bit of a guilty pleasure ;)

Steve said...

"Last night, we had a random craving for In-N-Out"

You have no idea how dirty that sounds when you say it out loud... lol