Friday, June 25, 2004

Sun, Sand, and Screams

Being the true Californians that we are, a bunch of us went to the Santa Cruz beach yesterday to enjoy the absolutely perfect weather. The sun was shining, the ocean was gleaming, and the people were screaming (on the rollercoasters). We had a blast going on all the rides and screaming our heads off and then trying to kill each other on the bumper cars. We also attempted to "play" volleyball and I managed to bruise my arms when I hit the ball the whole four times that I did manage to hit it. I am definetly not a 'sports' type of girl and think I am just better off cheerleading on the sidelines. Courtesy of the free airbrush artist hired for our party, we all got tatooed and attempted to make the ugliest faces during the process. I had a blast yesterday and am now suffering the exhaustion of it all...wait, the weekend just started?

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