Saturday, February 28, 2004


When I gave Bertrand a Playstation 2 for Valentines Day, I was worried that I had handed him my own doom. The couple of weeks that came around before Valentines Day, I had debated whether or not I should give him this highly distracting toy or just give him something else less a cute outfit or something. When we walked through stores, I'd have to look around behind me everytime I'd lost him, and without fail, he was always staring at the PS2 display like a little boy. I finally broke down and decided that I would give it to him since I knew it would make him really happy.

As a compromise, Bertrand said that he would leave the PS2 at my house so that he would only play it when I was there and wanted to. The plan was working out great. He was willing to give a little so that I would be happy and so that he wouldn't be addicted. But...I didn't realize that in all of this, it would turn around only to bite me in the butt. After work one day, I turned on the PS2 and started playing the 'Ratchet Clank' game and sat there until I had accomplished the missions on 4 planets. I was trying to prevent Bertrand from being addicted to the PS2 and now I think I am!

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