Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Lost in translation

We are allowed to bring dogs to work and many of the employees do. There is always a cute little puppy somewhere around the corner or sitting in the hall. In our old building before we made the move over to this modern looking area, there was this guy who would walk around every once in awhile, up and down the halls saying 'Brad'. He would walk around and just kind of smile and keep saying 'Brad' to no one in particular as he walked up and down the halls. After a few times of this happening, I figured this guy was either looking for his dog 'Brad' or he was on crack. It started getting annoying after a few times of him walking by our office saying 'Brad' repeatedly and smiling.

We moved to our new building a couple of months ago and I completely forgot about the 'Brad' guy. Until today. There I was working away all nice and peacefully when I heard him walk by again saying his usual phrase. In Graham's words, 'Get a leash or something.' So I started getting annoyed again as all the memories flooded back of the countless times this guy kept losing his dog. That's when Graham stuck his head in our cubicle and said, 'Hey, want some bread?'

This WHOLE time...this nice man has been walking around telling all of us that there was fresh bread for us to eat, and I thought he was looking for his dog.

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