Wednesday, February 25, 2004


I actually woke up early, or rather when my alarm clocks went off today for the first time in...months. I woke up because my stereo came on with it's usual morning timer and the radio DJ was saying how bad the weather and traffic are today. I somehow incorporarted all of her words into my dream, and dreamed about the man she spoke about and then about the additional 45 minutes that you should add to your commute to deal with the visibility and the traffic. It already takes me an hour and sometimes longer to get to work, so I did the additional computation and woke up in the realization that I would be sitting in crazy traffic for at least a couple of hours. That thought alone, made me sit up in bed and actually wake up before 7am. I ran downstairs and turned on the T.V. and opened the shutters to stare at the rain and saw pieces of my neighbor's roof flapping in the wind. That's when I decided to work from home.

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