Friday, October 03, 2003

On my drive home yesterday, I could barely see from the tears that were streaming down my face or from the gagging and coughing that I was doing. Before leaving the office yesterday, I grabbed a bag of chips for the long drive home. Luckily...I decided to grab a Snapple at the last minute too, just in case I got thirsty. So about half an hour into my drive, I started to get really really hungry, so I opened up the bag of chips. When I had grabbed these chips called, 'Death Rain', I went for the black bag that was labeled 'XXX HOT HABANERO'. XXX Habanero Shmabanero...I am a big fan of spicy food. Really...nothing is every spicy enough. I had had this brand of chips before and they had a little kick in them, but nothing that I couldn't handle. My stomach started growling like crazy, and I started munching on the chips. At first my nose started to itch, and then my throat started closing up. Next thing you know, I'm crying and saying "Ahhhhh" out loud to myself. But hey, I was really really hungry, so I continued to eat. I cried as I ate, and every time that I opened my mouth and took a breath, I would cough again from the remaining chili powder caught in my throat. Even though I was suffering and gasping for air, I was somewhat happy. I have finally found something spicy enough to bowl me over.

But I hear that I am not the only one who ate spicy food yesterday...his was probably worse.

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