Friday, October 31, 2003

I haven't dressed up for Halloween since my senior year of high school when I worked at Cost Plus imports and dressed up as a cat to entertain the little kiddies. Last night while working, Tine and I started talking about costumes and talking about how we should dress up. We originally wanted to be an old man and an old woman, but I didn't have any old woman clothes and Tine didn't have any old man clothes. It was also getting late and we wouldn't have had enough time to run around the thrift stores searching for the right clothes. Then I got the idea that I could be Little Bo Peep and she could be my sheep. Unfortunately, she wasn't too enthused about the idea of walking around with cotton all over her. Then...that was when the perfect idea came to use through a quick search on Google. A pair of dice! We started calling around and then made a run to Mail Boxes Etc. to buy some boxes. We got some huge white boxes (I wanted even bigger boxes, but I wouldn't have been able to walk), came back to the office and started tracing out the dots and coloring them in with our fatty black markers. This morning we cut out the holes for our heads and arms. I measured the head hole perfectly and even did a little test, but then when all the taping and cutting was done, the box wouldn't go over my head. I forgot that I had ears... After some special angling and wiggling, I got my head in. Our costumes were a huge last minute success. Why didn't we think of dressing up earlier? I don't know. I just hope nobody decides to roll us.

Happy Halloween

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