Friday, June 20, 2003

It's amazing how you can plan to do so much during your free time, yet when that free time end up getting nothing done at all. Welcome to my vacation week. I had originally planned that I would get so much done this week. Since I no longer have any school to worry about, and took the week off of work, I should have time to do things...right?

I had this extravagant...and probably a little outrageous plan about how much I would get done this week. I was going to organize all of my stuff along with all of my parents stuff so that I could organize a garage sale. I was going to have everything that we were ready to get rid of set aside and marked up with their prices and everything else. I was going to have planned who I would call or donate the unsold items to afterwards. This week I was going to find potential companies that I would like to work for and write out letters to them and send them my resumes. I was going to spend some time shopping at all the various malls in the bay area and just lounge around town all day with my cup of iced coffee. I was going to sleep in until noon or later, and catch up on all of my lost sleep from these past few years. I was going to start building my scrapbooks and getting my pictures developed. I was going to go for a jog, ride my bike, and rollerblade everyday and be Miss. Ultra Healthy.

Instead...I ended up getting my wisdom teeth pulled out on the first day of my vacation and was knocked out from all of the drugs for the first two days. Once those two days of nothingness passed, and I managed to get myself out of bed around noon, I managed to tidy up the house a little bit and run a couple of errands. Oddly enough, every morning that I wake up, I have this excrutiating pain on the right side of my face, and end up just lying in bed not moving for another couple of hours. Today, I had a "Girl's day out" with one of my girlfriends and did a little bit of shopping and bonding. I also finally went to see Finding Nemo...a very cute movie! But then as I sit here tonight and realize that it is friday morning and the end of my vacation week...I realize that I have barely gotten anything done compared to my extravagant plans that I had made last week. From now on, my plans for vacation should be..."To do nothing."

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