Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I can't's the night before my very last final...ever. I just took a sleeping pill after lying in bed for over an hour. So many thoughts going through my head. I was thinking about how worried I am for this last final. After some last minute cramming tonight, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that the final will be over quick and painlessly. I was thinking about my final that I took today in Computer Security and how I hope that I did well. I checked my grade online today for my term paper and had to take a second glance when I saw that my score was a 9/100. A 9/100??? I hope that there was a typo and there are some other numbers after that 9...I will find out tomorrow morning when I go to see the professor.

I also thought about life in general and how much there is to look forward to. My roommate got engaged this weekend. Yay! Congratulations! We talked for about 3 hours while she told me about how it happened and how she reacted etc. We talked about future plans after graduation and about her plans for her wedding. Wow. Later on, our conversation drifted to this girl that may be living with us over the summer, a freshman, and how she has so many questions. She has so much that she doesn't know, and that she was curious enough to ask us about. She seemed so innocent and naive. And then my roommate made the comment, "She's like us a few years ago." College has been an amazing time. The learning and academic stuff has been alright, and I have learned more than I thought my little brain could handle. But from these four years here, I think that I have learned more about myself than any book or professor could ever teach me. Through my experiences in friendship, laughter, love, and heartbreak I have become a more mature and independent person. I have learned what true friendship is and what it really means to always have a friend you can run to. I learned that sometimes, it is more fun to sit around with friends and talk all night rather than go out and "find something to do." I learned that growing up and getting to become friends with your parents rather than just their child, is such an amazing feeling. I have also learned about love, and how meeting that one person can change your life forever. And to think, I was just as innocent and naive as this girl is now, only a few years ago. There is still so much out there though, and I can't wait to experience it all.

I think the pills are starting to kick in. I'm off to bed now.

Good night.

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