Tuesday, June 17, 2003

I'm done! I'm free! Yippee!!!

These past few days have been a complete blur. Graduation went well and was a lot of fun. My friends and family came up to help me celebrate my graduation day and made me feel so special. There were so many little surprises that I am still shaking from the shock. My roommates and I spent the entire morning on friday cleaning up the house so that it could be "showable" to our friends and family. It's kind of funny how we can live a certain way all the time, but when we have people coming over, we clean it up all spick and span and pretend that we're always like that. Graduation was alright. It wasn't that long of a ceremony because our college was pretty small compared to the others. We took about a bazillion and one pictures and went out to a really nice dinner. Afterwards, we all headed back to the bay area and stayed up the entired night talking and playing some board games. I never realized how much fun that it could be. I had to drop off my cousin at the airport at 5AM and rather than going to sleep for 4 hours, we just stayed up all night. On monday I got my wisdom teeth removed and since then I've been lying on the couch with my vicadin and catching up on all the shows that I've missed while being without cable TV. I love being on vacation.

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