Sunday, June 08, 2003

Can you help me? I need to know what you think and take a little "poll." As some of you might know, I will be graduating this week. A lot of times during graduations, it's hard to pick out people during the ceremonies, looking down at hundreds of black caps and gowns. Some people decorate the tops of their caps so that their friends and family can find them easily among the sea of black caps. I've been contemplating decorating my cap. I think it would be kind of fun and different. After all, it is my college graduation. How many more times is this going to happen? Ok, here is my dilemma. I can't decide on how I should decorate it. For one thing, I know that I like flowers and that I want to have some flowers on my cap. I'll probably stick out like a sore thumb, not only for being one of very few girls in the College of Engineering, but also because there will be some bright little flowers on my head. =) Please help me, and pick one of the four sample caps below that I have yet to permanently glue to my cap yet and give me your thoughts on them. Which one should I pick? Should I even do it?

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Allison said...

I think you should choose number 1! Im also thinking about decorating mine. Great ideas :)