Monday, April 14, 2008

Still feels good

Rascal Flatts came into town again this weekend, this time at the big HP Pavillion in San Jose. My fourth concert with "the boys", every year with more and more people. The sold out arena was a big difference from when when I saw them the first time a few years ago opening up for Brooks & Dunn. All the teeny-boppers, cowboys, and girls in teeny-tiny clothes came by storm to see the cuties. Once I arrived, I knew I should have worn my sundress and cowboy boots to match all the swarms of girls.

Rascal Flatts

Jennifer saved Bertrand from having to accompany me to the concert and we had a fun girl's night out. Only thing was...she threw out her back literally hours before, so had a hard time moving/walking/standing.

rascal flatts fans

Once we arrived, we made a beeline for the snack bar and each got ourselves a tray of nachos. To help my handicapped friend focus on walking, I held both trays of nachos and we headed towards our seats amongst the throngs of people. So there we were pushing through the crowds, one of us hunched over and hobbling like an old lady and the other trying to balance a giant purse and two trays of hot nachos. Inevitably, I got bumped and then got nacho cheese in a not-so-great place on my chest. I looked down and shouted, "Cheese! Help me!" We "pulled over" to the side of the traffic and Jen leaned over with her napkin to wipe the cheese off, realized where it was, then we did a mad shuffle to transfer the nachos so I could wipe it off myself.

Once we were safely in our seats and the show started, Jen told me that at the last show she went to, they had the same stage and that they were going to make their grand entrance from under the stairs on the main stage. So we both ignored the rest of the stage and stared to our left at the stairs on the big stage. Suddenly the crowd went crazy and we heard the guys start singing. Where are they...? And there, directly in front of us on a mini stage were the guys and we completely missed their grand entrance.

The rest of the concert was awesome. The guys sounded great and the crowd was really into it. Well...except for the girl who threw-up into a cup and then passed out in front of us.

Until next year!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun night....minus my horrible back injury. =( can't wait to see them next time and we are for sure getting backstage passes no matter what!....when's our next concert? we must find another one.