Sunday, April 06, 2008

Know what you have

While shopping at Target this weekend, I decided that I wanted to start baking. Since I've never really baked aside from making cookies, we decided we'd stock up on some baking supplies for me. I left the store with a bunch of baking trays and tins.

Once I got home, I was so excited about my new adventures into baking and put my new purchases away....only to find that I had EVERYTHING I had just bought...and more, that was way better quality than what I had just purchased.

Oh yeah...forgot I registered for all that stuff for my wedding and put them all away never to be touched. Well today, they will finally be used!


Mars said...

From one chef to another, I hope your adventures into baking are developing nicely!

Anonymous said...

Have a nice cake

valery said...

I also like nice cakes!

lera said...

In Russia we also like nice cakes

Licious said...

OMG, you have NO idea! I was totally addicted to Home Shopping Network and QVC for awhile and I am not the proud owner of 7 different cookware sets, 3 professional deep fryers, & 4 of the same Bravetti and Cuisinart cookware tools LOOOOL!

And PLEASE tell me that that isn't a pic of one of your 1st cupcakes?? For someone who doesn't bake, your stuff looks professional!