Thursday, April 03, 2008

no pie for you

Last night while running errands, a sudden mad craving came over me while we were discussing desserts, for some good ole' pie. I told Bertrand that I really wanted some pie. He quickly agreed that that sounded good, so we decided we'd stop by the local Baker's Square to pick one up.

I got so excited thinking about what type of pie I wanted...Banana Cream or Chocolate Silk. Such big decisions! As we pulled up to the Baker's Square lot where I hadn't been in years...I noticed all these random moving trucks parked. I joked around and said, "want to buy a truckload of pies too?"

We got out of the car and I skipped my way to the front door, where a sign was posted declaring that the store had shut down permanently...the day before.

Just my luck.


syeikhul kedah said...

may god bless u

Glowmay said...

Life can be cruel sometimes.

MUHIRE said...

hey pretty?
am so happy to see your blog
its so an awsome
thx alot
look my

Lola-Ray said...

Luck is cruel sometimes.....