Friday, April 11, 2008

a duck

Yesterday while taking Max outside to do his business, he sniffed around a bush in the parking lot. Suddenly, a bunch of rustling happened, and me, thinking that some rodent was about to run out at me ran a few feet away. I asked my friend standing near me, "What was it??? A squirrel? A cat?"

His response, "no....a duck."

What the heck is a duck doing in the middle of a bush in a random parking lot nowhere near water? And why is it jumping out and scaring the cheetos out of me.


Lily said...

ha! "And why is it jumping out and scaring the cheetos out of me" i love that!

David said...

You seem to have a very interesting life. I love your page.I am just begining to Blog.I have looked at some other Blog's but your seem's to be the best.Your the best David

Rhea said...

scaring the cheetos out of you? LOL That's a cute phrase.

A duck in the middle of a parking lot, in a bush, poor thing must have been seriously lost. How bizarre!!

George said...

Hi Kimmy,
I like your style.
Enjoy eating Chocolate.Do well in your Job and enyoy the days.

Moqui Takoda said...

why was the duck jumping out of bushes or around in bushes scaring the cheerios out of you? i just don't know, but, perhaps the duck was the one who became frightened; afterall, the duck was probably just minding its own business, and then decided it did not want to be in the bushes anymore with humans around, because it did not want to portray itself as being a mere duck. well, that is the best i can come up with.


love the Rascal Flatts photo