Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The joys of coworkers

In a meeting

X: Hey guys, they're giving away free dodgeballs this week
Y: Where'd you hear that?
X points at sign on the wall
X: See? Join pick up dodgeball
Me:'s not to pick up actual dodgeballs. It's to come play pick-up dodgeball. You know...when you just show up and play.
X: Oh.


My cubemate is wearing these cool "rocker" type jeans with holes, hanging little beads/jewels/strings. I point at her jeans and say, "you might want to watch out for Max, he'll grab a hold of those things and pull." Her response? While holding out one long thread, "Yeah, he already discovered them."


On April Fools Day

Me: Hey, did you see the youtube prank? All of their featured videos point to this one.
Z: haha. That's awesome. Wait...Rick Astley? I have this song.
Me: haha!
Z:'s on my iPod.

I love my coworkers.

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