Thursday, November 15, 2007

Scrabble & Rain in DC

Scrabble!Hello from Washington D.C.!

Bertrand and I randomly entered some promotion from Dockers several months ago, bought a bunch of Dockers products, and got 2 free round trip tickets to Washington D.C. we are!

Since I was inspired by Debbie & her mom's game of Scrabble...I brought our travel Scrabble along for our plane ride over to the east coast. It made the flight go quickly and helped us forget about the worries back at home for a bit. It was an intense game that started off with a huge gap when my first word was "belonged" using up all my letters, but then came down to the wire as the captain announced that we were on our descent and would need to put our things away. I ended up winning by 1 point and really...only because the plane was landing, but I don't care...I still won! Bertrand managed to connect a big chunk of words together with one letter, and our controversial word of the day was "beader" know...a person who beads. ;)

Soaked in D.C.

We woke up this morning to an incredibly cold and rainy day in our nation's capitol. Bertrand somehow managed to convince me that we should walk all the way down to the mall to see the monuments rather than take a cab or the metro. He in return was accompanied by a whining girl with blue fingers (forgot my gloves!) and pants soaked to her knees. This "brisk" walk ended up being a mile and a half...and oddly enough...we were the only people walking around in the pouring rain. All these other people obviously have a little more common sense.

It's our first day here...and we've managed to already see:
  • The Lincoln Memorial
  • Washington Monument
  • Vietnam Veterans War Memorial
  • Korean War Veterans Memorial
  • Holocaust Museum
  • Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Please send rain boots & mittens!


Debbie said...

yay for Scrabble!!

Anonymous said...

You couldn't google in the air, could you?

A beader is a person who installs plastic moulding strips into slotted edges of metal tabletops using a mallet and bandsaw.